Our Values


MPG believes real transformation starts with the self. We invest in the personal growth of our people (clients, volunteers and staff) to develop our social mission.



We strongly believe in valuing the marginal - people, resources and the environment. Sustainable and ethical solutions can only come from drawing from and working with those at the margins of our society, and spaces in the margins of our cities.



The key to collaboration is an open mind and a common goal. We work to cooperatively contribute ideas and energy, and demonstrate a strong commitment to team working.



We do not only support cultural diversity. We believe it is crucial to have a diversity of experience, personalities, resources, and views for a truly successful and sustainable organisation. We embrace people and voices that have been marginalised and underrepresented in society.



We recognise the importance of outcomes to achieve short term goals. However, we believe a truly sustainable mission must be resource-led.



Underpinning our mission is the much broader aim of creating an alternative system and lifestyle based on principles of nature, community, diversity and freedom of expression.

May Project Gardens was created with Permaculture Design Ethics: Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share
                             Learn more at:  Permaculture Principles.

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