The May Team

Ian Solomon-Kawall
Co-Founder / Director

Mona Bani
Co-Director / Manager of Untelevised TV

Fisayo Fadahunsi

Filmmaker / Manager of Untelevised TV

Laurel Hadleigh
Project Coordinator

Emily Thomas

Theodora Garcia

Operations Support

Helen Sanson

Programme Support

Sarah Gregory

Strategy / Fundraising

We also work with an amazing range of freelance tutors, workshop facilitators, artists, musicians, cooks, growers and operational support staff. More info here. Over the years we've also had incredible support from the invaluable, talented people below, who've been crucial in shaping the project into what it is today and continues to become.

Zaira Rasool
Non-Executive Director

Mama D
Academic Adviser

Key Contributors

Randy Mayers
Co-Founder/ Permaculture Teacher

Zawadi Seas
Sustainable Living Teacher

Designer / Artist

Jason Lee
Designer / Animator

Solomon and Abraham
Artists / Local Volunteers

Elizabeth Presland
Cob Builder / Photographer

Sara Shah

Food Adviser / Community Cook

Our youngest MC

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