"May Project Gardens has helped me to become empowered when it comes to growing my own food...I always thought it was a really big task."

Emma Ako


"May project gardens was the first time I experienced plant to plate meals and living food in an interactive environment."

Marv Radioli


"This project and Ian Solomon Kawall have literally changed my life, perhaps readjusted my perspective in order for me to realise my true path."

Luke Hemment


"My time at May Project Garden gave me the opportunity to slow down and observe the beauty and oneness of nature. Made me think and adapt my relationship with basic needs such as food, shelter, work and money."

Theodora Garcia





Since the beginning, volunteers have been crucial to our work and growth. For years the project ran on a fully voluntary basis, with people helping to develop the site; offering their expertise to run workshops and in some cases becoming part of our core team. This has allowed the project to develop organically and creatively.


Volunteers not only find a place to learn practical skills, but also a place for personal transformation. We find that people often come to us at a time of transition in their lives.


If you'd like to get involved, contact us on team@mayproject.org, social media or stop by one of our open days, every Sunday of the calendar month 12 - 4pm at 158 Middleton Road, Morden, SM4 6RW

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